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Web Designing

Creates web pages to detail an organization, person, or task such as Presentation websites, Landing pages, Personal websites and Portfolio websites.

UI/UX Design

Background designing for websites and mobile apps is called UI / UX.


Creating a website like Blogger that adds new content every day is called a Content Management System.


Websites such as eBay, which sells goods or services over the Internet, belong to the eCommerce category.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are used to facilitate various tasks on smartphones with Android, IOS & App Gallery.


The Internet of Things is the creation of interconnected computer devices to facilitate various tasks.


Search Engine Optimization is used to given top place to web apps in Google search result.

Domain & Web Hosting

Getting the space needed to display a web design on the Internet is called Web Hosting, and the address assigned to it is called the Domain Name.

Web Mails

Creates a Web Mail (e.g. using their company name or personal name and finally the domain name with @ symbol.

Security Implementation

Security Implementation is the technique used to ensure the security of sensitive data exchanged in a web design.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting is the provision of technical advice to solve technical and practical problems that may arise in the use of information technology in an organization.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is the process of creating logos, banners, posters, etc. for the portrayal or publicity of an organization or individual.


Videography is the process of creating video for an organization or individual.

Content Writing

Content Writing is the expression of creative ideas needed to portray or promote an organization or individual.

SMS & Email Marketing

SMS & Email Marketing is the sending of SMS and Email messages to advertise a business or person.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the advertising on the content of the creator for the promotion of a business or individual.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the advertising of a business or individual through social media.


Advertising is the advertising of a business or individual on YouTube, Television and Radio.